Helping the Body Fight Cancer

New treatments getting interest

Immunotherapy treatments like Nivolumab and other anti-cancer drugs are indicating better survival rates and more promising outcomes for cancer patients who may not be treatable with surgery or other therapies.

By fighting cancer at the cellular level and modifying the body's response to cancers, doctors can get results for metastatic cancers even when all tumors in the body are not visible to medical professionals. With Immunotherapy, the patient's own body is essentially trained to destroy tumor cells.

Keeoping Healthy Cells Intact.

Unlike many chemotherapy, surgical, and radiation treatments, there is damage to healthy cells along with cancer cells. With immunotherapy, proper targeting may reduce or eliminate this danger, especially when the therapy is able to target specific details about the cancer cell that are absent in normal healthy cells.


The development of tumor-specific antibodies is the goal of immunotherapy, given that it reduces the chance that similar healthy cells will be attacked by the body's immune defenses. Thereapies that work specifically on tumor cells give the body a chance to destroy and remove the bad tissue while leaving organs and tissues intact, and this is critical for better survival rates and fewer side effects.